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Label Pack


  • Priority: Critical #ee0701
  • Priority: High #d93f0b
  • Priority: Medium #fbca04
  • Priority: Low #0e8a16


  • Status: Abandoned #000000
  • Status: Available #c2e0c6
  • Status: Blocked #ee0701
  • Status: In Progress #cccccc
  • Status: On Hold #e99695
  • Status: Proposal #d4c5f9
  • Status: Review Needed #fbca04


  • Type: Bug #ee0701
  • Type: Documentation #5319e7
  • Type: Enhancement #1d76db
  • Type: Maintenance #fbca04
  • Type: Question #cc317c

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Frequently asked questions

Do you store my GitHub Token

No, once we have finished creating your labels we forget your token, your token is never written to disk

Why do you need my email?

At times there is a queue to process github projects so this way we can inform you once we have finished.

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